On Two

My partner and I celebrated our second anniversary yesterday. Nothing was planned actually since it was a work day.

I left the office quite later than my usual so I told him that we should just go home together.

The trip from my office in Manila to his in Makati is around an hour. When I arrived in his office, I told him that I was hungry and so the quest for the dinner place commenced.

We went to Greenbelt 5 and Greenbelt 3 to look for a place to eat but nothing stood out. Then I suddenly remembered MOMO Cafe and how I always wanted to try their corndogs.

So off we went to Ayala Triangle.

We ordered quite a lot. No, I’m sorry. We ordered a FEAST! We didn’t know that the servings were that big.

Dinner has always been one of my favorite things that we do. Surprisingly, after more than a year of living together, we still have things to talk about while eating. Maybe I can attribute it to my natural talkativeness and randomness.

I don’t want us to become Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen in the movie “Take This Waltz.” It was their anniversary dinner and it was awkwardly quiet because as Rogen’s character reasoned out, there was nothing left to talk about because they already know everything about each other.

The dinner was fun. We couldn’t stop commenting about how full we already are while half of the food we ordered are still untouched.

We were really planning on “celebrating” this weekend. We even tried to book a trip. We even fought over it. But hey, until now, nothing is planned. And since I am not the type of person who can conjure up a great weekend getaway (or staycation) with just a few days left, I gave all the responsibility to the partner. Haha

Well, here’s to more years to both of us. I love you.


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