[MOVIE REVIEW] Instant Mommy

Last night, the partner and I watch “Instant Mommy” at Tanghalang Huseng Batute in CCP.

I know that the theater is not usually used for film showing, hence the seats provided. But wow, watching from the 5th or 6th row was painful on the neck!


According to the website, Instant Mommy “follows the story of Bechayda, a two-months-pregnant wardrobe assistant for TV commercial production. In the fear of losing her Japanese lover and her dreams of a better life, she embarks on a plan that will get herself out of her predicament. Or so she thinks.”

Eugene Domingo is really the best comedienne we have now in my opinion. She’s funniest when  not overacting. That’s why I did not watch the mainstream comedy films starring her. In the film, Domingo shone during the light and funny scenes and even in the dramatic scenes. I really love her!

The supporting cast was great as well, with the exception of Rico J. Puno. He was just so-so in the film. I could not comprehend if he intended to portray the role that or if that was the extent of his acting skills. But don’t take my word for it. The last time I “acted” was for my college class.

I loved the film up until the climactic scene, which was probably during the 2/3 part of the film. The last part was still good but I only appreciated it when I pondered about it after the screening of the film.

While not the main story, the film also tackled the life of people working in production houses. To be honest, I appreciated their portrayal of the industry more compared to Ekstra’s attempt in showing the “ugly” side of film-making.

This is like a romantic-comedy film, indie version and with much more substance and depth. I love how they tackled the story of a Filipino with a foreigner partner in a light and yet realistic way.

The film was shot almost like how they do mainstream Filipino movies today (maybe because of the face the more and more mainstream films are being done by directors who started in idependent films).

The film can make you think about the judgments you’ve made when you saw a Filipina holding hands with a foreigner in  Cafe Havana in Greenbelt, or in Highstreet, or Mall of Asia.

“Isa na namang pamilya ang naiahon sa kahirapan.”

“Hindi na kailangan magsaka ng tatay niya.”

“English-speaking at blonde na ang magiging anak niya.”

And how most of the time, we think that they are only in it for the money.

Of the three Cinemalaya films I’ve seen so far, this is my favorite.

I give Eugene Domingo 5 out of 5 stars and the film 4 out of 5 stars.

For more information about the films and the festival, visit http://www.cinemalaya.org/

Read my “review” on Ekstra and Transit here.


2 thoughts on “[MOVIE REVIEW] Instant Mommy

  1. To each his own sabi nga nila. But since you have mainstream tendencies, I bet you enjoyed Instant Mommy. Transit is gaining the buzz for its treatment and praises from the 5 lead characters. Cabral, Medina and Adlawan were predictably amazing and Jasmine is very convincing. But its your review and good to know that you crave for good movies. And it’s good to know that you like the Richard Linklater films. 🙂

    1. I get why people like ‘Transit.’ It has its technical merits. But the thing is, independent films are mostly done well in the technical aspect. Kaya ang labanan na lang ay story. And while Transit’s story has promise, hindi ‘yun nadeliver ng director.

      Kung gusto pala niyang ipakita yung difficulties ng isang anak ng OFW sa Israel, then why waste 1 hour and 45 minutes of showing the same story in the eyes of the other characters? That’s just me. As I said in my “review,” wala naman talagang masyadong nangyari sa buong story to warrant that kind of storytelling.

      But, don’t take my words seriously. 😀

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