Movie Review: Babagwa

It could have been great. Only I predicted the ending halfway through the film.

DIRECTED BY: Jason Paul Laxamana
MAIN CAST: Alex Vincent Medina, Joey Paras, Alma Concepcion, Kiko Matos, Nico Antonio, Chanel Latorre, Marx Topacio, Raqs Regalado, Garry Lim, Sunshine Teodoro

Babagwa (The Spider’s Lair) is a story of an Internet scammer who “falls in love with a wealthy old maid while trying to swindle her using a fake Facebook profile.”

It was fun watching a modus operandi that you usually just read online. While I was not completely convinced that there are still people who are easily tricked into giving money to someone they have only met online, the film made it the script and the story realistic enough for the audience to pity and be med at the victims. I know, harsh right? Being mad at the victims.

Babagwa was not a glamorous film. After watching “Sana Dati” where all actors were fair-skinned and donning make up, Babagwa presented its characters in the most ~stressful way, so to speak. Which was a good way to depict that being in such a situation is really daunting and stressful. The shots were not polished unlike what we see in almost all the recent independent films.

There were also a lot of scenes that could be shortened or removed altogether. I understand that some were presented to show the motivations of the main character but I feel like it was just one too many. And the sex scenes could be shortened and film would still be complete.

As I said earlier, it was an enjoyable film until I figured how the movie would end. And from that point forward, I was just hoping that they would present a conclusion different from what I had in mind. But that did not happen.

Alex Medina was great for the lead part although there were times when I hardly understood what he was saying and I had to read the subtitles just to understand.

Alma Concepcion’s portrayal though of an old maid was quite weak.

I just really wish they gave us a different ending.

I give this film 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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