California Pizza Kitchen, Greenbelt 5: NEVER AGAIN

Last night, my partner, officemate and I went to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) at Greenbelt 5 to have dinner before my partner and I went to see a movie. And this was how I had one of my worst restaurant dining experiences ever.

My officemate have told me how much she liked CPK’s salad so that was what she ordered. I, on the other hand, ordered their grilled chicken tacos.

Here is what it said on the menu:


And here is their product shot on the menu:


I know that the usual waiting time is around 10-15 minutes depending on your order. I assumed that since this is just plain tacos. They would be serving me my food around the given amount time.

Around 5 minutes after they got our order, my officemate’s salad arrived. Understandable since salad is easier to prepare than tacos. So we just waited.

More than 15 minutes had passed and we I started to become annoyed with the waiting. Our server seemed to have noticed this and approached us saying that it would take 5 more minute before my tacos arrive because it is “freshly…” along with an action that I assumed was him pressing the dough.

So alright. Although I know that he was just trying to appease me. Lucky for him, I am not the confrontational type.

So we waited again…

5 minutes had passed…

Still no tacos.

We didn’t ask right away. Maybe they were really doing some real magic with my tacos.

But another 15 minutes had passed and still no sign of my tacos arriving.

Imagine waiting for more than half an hour for a tacos that I know I can assemble in less than 15 minutes.

That was it.

We called the attention of the manager and politely asked what was taking them so long to give me my orders.

As expected, annoyingly on my part, he said that he would check in their kitchen.

A few minutes and he emerged with my tacos. Looking like this:


Notice something missing?

Let me show you the photo on the menu again:


I didn’t notice right away since I hurriedly grabbed a bite once it arrived because I was really hungry. But when I got to taste it, I knew that something was missing.


Tacos without guacamole? Are you effing kidding me?

I wouldn’t complain about it if they didn’t put on the menu that every serving comes with a guac and jalapeno peppers. BUT THEY DID.

So yet again, we called the manager. I asked him if they were really serving tacos without guac and jalapeno.

He said that he would give me right away. I was really angry at that point and couldn’t help myself so I told him as he was walking away, “Kailangan pa palang hingin ‘yun ngayon.”

He arrived with this along with an excuse that they recently upgraded their menu and among the new dishes was the tacos I ordered. The hell I care with that? Before you roll out a new dish, you should’ve made sure that you can do it right. He wasn’t even sure when they startyed rolling out the new menu. Last week? Three days ago? I stopped listening to him.


At that point, we just ate just so we can finish our dinner and leave that restaurant immediately.

When we got our bill, the manager proudly said that they gave us 10% discount on the total amount because they gave my order late.

Wow! 10% for having to wait for more than an hour. 10% for having lied upon about the waiting time. 10% for not getting everything that must be in your food in the first place.

Was that supposed to make everything even?

At that point my officemate couldn’t keep it anymore and said that they should’ve given us the tacos for free after all the hassle they put us through.

I don’t usually mind paying more than 300 pesos for food. But I expect it to be of good quality. CPK’s grilled chicken tacos was not worth it at all!

Never again, California Pizza Kitchen, Greenbelt 5. NEVER AGAIN!


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