These ladies

These ladies
Erika, Dannah and I at Green Pastures, enjoying their “healthy” dishes

I spent my Saturday evening with two of my favorite girls — Erika (center) and Dannah. After having dinner in Green Pastures at Shang, we watched “22 Jumpstreet” at SM Megamall, because it was the only mall near Shang that was showing the movie. We still can’t get over the fact the they are still enforcing free seating in Cinemas.

Anways, Dannah, Erika and I have been friends for more than five years now. They’ve witness the last stretch of my straight phase. I have also witnessed their drama over boys and other stuff. But mostly boys. And I know I wouldn’t have survived (and enjoyed) college without them.

I last saw both last year. But it was like nothing has changed. And I love it.

I’ve been so busy with my personal life (and battles) that I barely talked to them for years, but I am just happy that they’re still there, ready to update me with the latest happenings in their lives.

I hate that I can live a day without texting anyone, even just to ask them how they are. I always get second thoughts about texting them because I’m afraid I may just disturb them. Bummer.

We’re planning on seeing each other at least once a month. #Panindigan.


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