Movie Review: 1st Ko Si 3rd: Nova Villa Shines


DIRECTED BY: Real Florido
MAIN CAST: Nova Villa, Dante Rivero, Freddie Webb, Ruby Ruiz, Lara Morena, RJ Agustin, Denise Barbacena, Coleen Borgonia, Ken Chan


I finally got to watch 1st Ko Si 3rd last night with the partner and friends. And it was a fun end to my #CinemalayaX experience.

Synopsis: “Matapos ang mahigit apat na dekada ay muling makikita ni Cory ang kanyang 1st love na si Third na siyang magbibigay kulay at gugulo sa kanyang buhay bilang may asawa at retiree.” (After more then four decades, Cory will again see her first love, Third, who will affect her life as a wife and retiree.)

Nova Villa shines as Cory, a recent retiree who tries to deal with her emotions when she saw her 1st love, Third. Her rekindled emotions and memories are what gave her a renewed energy, but at the same time brings up issues with her relationship with her husband Andong. We are used to Villa making us laugh in her sitcoms and movies, and she still manages to make us laugh here. Only this time, she is also able to make me feel sad, bored, guilty, and in love — the very same emotions she is feeling.

The movie works best in its lighthearted moments, like when it shows the heart of Cory and Andong’s relationship, despite their uncommunicated issues.

While there is much left to be desired in the story of Cory and Third, the movie makes me realize that more than anything, this is a story of Cory and Andong. The film is a story of a woman who has to deal with her what ifs. This is a story of a woman who has to wait decades for a closure.

1st Ko Si 3rd gives us a fresh love story. It gives us a peek of how couples in their twilight years maintain and sustain their relationship. And ultimately, it shows us that love is beyond emotions — it is a decision; it is a commitment.

You only have today until tomorrow to watch all the Cinemalaya entries, and if you’ll cut down your list of movies to watch, it still is worthwhile to keep 1st Ko Si 3rd in the list. (Of course I’ve only seen 5 films so my comparison is understandably very limited)


3.5/5 stars


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