I wonder why


Sometimes, I wonder why I find it so hard to blog.

Is it because I am very busy in my day job that finding the time to blog is such a tedious task?

Is it because I’d rather relish and enjoy whatever feeling I have rather than trying to put it into words?

Or is it because my life is such a bore that I couldn’t think of anything worth sharing?

It really puzzles me because I am really talkative in person and I do love to write. Hmm…haaaaaay…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jod Gozum says:

    Sometimes, it’s hard to put into words the things you want to say.

    1. Me says:

      True. And sometimes, the emotions is just not there.

      1. Jod Gozum says:

        Agree. The words you choose don’t equate to the depth of the emotion. I have so many drafts that I can’t seem to finish.

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