Getting to know Barbra through “Partners”

I am not a fan of Barbra Streisand. Simply because I did not grow up listening to her songs. I only know of her through covers of her hit songs. I also know that she’s somehow a gay icon — which until I now, I do not fully know the reason why.

“Partners” is the first album of hers that I’ve listened to intently. I haven’t finished the whole album just yet but what I’ve heard so far, I liked. The album is named as such because she has a partner in all the tracks. And if not for them, I don’t know if I’ll even be interested in listening in  the first place.

My favorite tracks so far are “It had to be you” with Michael Buble, “New York State of Mind” with Billy Joel, “What Kind of Fool” with John Legend, “Come Rain or Come Shine” with John Mayer and “Somewhere” with Josh Groban.

Which song from the album did you like?


What do you think?

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