Why I’m Not Totally Happy About Toy Story 4

Late last week, it was officially announced that Disney and Pixar will be making a fourth installment to the Toy Story series.

Anyone who knows me know that I am obsessed with the franchise, especially with its cowboy protagonist Sheriff Woody.

I didn’t react immediately when a friend tagged me on Facebook about the news. Mainly because I was not sure how I felt about it.

I watched Toy Story 3 in IMAX at SM Mall of Asia wearing a Sheriff Woody shirt, a cowboy hat, with a Sheriff Woody figurine at hand.

I was prepared for it to end.

And the end (apparently not) was perfect. I let go of Andy, Sheriff Woody and the gang after I left the cinema.

Toy Story left me in tears. It was realistic. I watched the first Toy Story movie when I was still a child. I grew with Andy. And somehow I think the movies contributed to my love for toys (and the reason why I still have most of them at home).

Sure, there were short films after. Mind you, I was not completely happy about that as well. But I let it go thinking that they were not really full stories, just snippets of what happened to them after Andy left for college.

I am scared, to be honest. I have this strong feeling that Disney and Pixar will just ruin the whole thing. And the last Pixar films are not helping me think otherwise. I never watched Cars (and Cars 2), Brave lacked heart, and so did Monsters University. Their teaser for their upcoming film “Inside Out” is not tht appealing as well, just using their hay day films as to get the viewers attention.

Something’s missing in their previous films. And I’m afraid that will continue to Toy Story 4.

Oh well, I guess I have to wait until June 16, 2017 to see if Pixar actually ruined my childhood.

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