Who is a Person Living with HIV?

Found this graphic on social media and it really spoke to me. Having been involved with LoveYourself since earlier this year, I have been more exposed to the plight of people living with HIV (PLHIV).

It really angers me when I hear of stories discriminating PLHIVs and boxing them in that identifier: as having HIV infection. Like that’s the only thing defining them now.

Remember when he/she was by your side when you failed your class? Or that time when you scratched your car?

Remember when he/she lent you money because you were broke as fuck?

Remember when he/she stayed up all night so you can review for your Econ exam?

Remember how great of a poet he/she is?

Oh, and did you remember how great of a dances he/she is? Damn, can he/she groove!

HIV infection should NEVER define anyone.

So be careful how you pertain to a friend, to anyone who is living with HIV. They are more than their infection.

Want to know your HIV status?
Know more about the FREE HIV screening in Manila here.


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