Aldub and the Sudden Rise of “Intellectuals”

I find it really amusing every time I see someone post about his or her hatred and animosity toward someone’s questionable judgment of taste or preference. Like anyone has the monopoly and right judgment on what should be considered good taste.

It has been more than a couple of months now since the AlDub phenomenon broke the Internet, specifically social media. With new hashtags almost everyday (save Sunday) trending on Twitter with hundreds of thousands to millions of tweets, there were also an increase in number of posts from “intellectuals” saying that the media has been feeding the Filipinos with “stupid” content instead of highlighting “more important” issues.

I wonder what criteria they used to rank issues and content based on importance. Is it national relevance? Should it be political in nature? Are the preferences of the masses less important than those of the educated people?

While the AlDub fever is taking over social media in the Philippines, a number of political and national issues has taken place as well. Three politicians have announced their bid for the presidency. One backed out of the presidential race even before it started. Then there were the Lumad killings. And the seemingly endless EDSA and MRT woes of Metro Manila commuters.

There is no argument that these are really important issues that we should all be aware of. But to compare them with the AlDub phenomenon is somewhat counterproductive at best. As cliche as it may sound, it’s like comparing apples to oranges–you just can’t.

Maybe it is because of these heavy national, political issues that people are depending on more mindless, fun content to give themselves some break.

People work (sometimes more than) eight hours a day while they hear and read news about politicians’ alleged corrupt dealing using the taxpayers’ money. A thirty minute segment in a noontime show maybe all they need to somehow put a smile on their faces.

People maybe stuck in traffic along EDSA, badly wanting to be with their families. A few episodes of AlDub at the end of the day may at least help ease the frustration and the anger building up inside them.

Yes, the local media has lots of room for improvement when it comes to their content. But d not forget that they are business institutions as well and they are just supplying the demand for fun, light, and cheesy scripted love stories.

Besides, how does AlDub differ from your beloved Game of Thrones, How to Get Away With Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal or Scream Queens? I also don’t read posts judging people who love KathNiel, JaDine or even ViceRylle.

Before you say something is stupid or mababaw or walang kwenta, pause for a while and think: is your opinion constructive enough to at least spark changes or will it only hurt the feelings of the people around you?

There are already a lot of hatred and sadness around us, do not add to it.

In short, walang basagan ng trip.


3 thoughts on “Aldub and the Sudden Rise of “Intellectuals”

  1. i love cheesy shows. and i think we should NOT compare segments like aldub to social issues. ofc the former will always seem trivial. ya feel

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