I’m just about ready to crash.

My body has been giving me signs that I really should take a few days off to recuperate and get back my strength byut I just cannot afford to.

Our office was mad busy last week for #APEC2015 and while the office is technically closed, there were some of us who were asked to go to work.

And then there’s graduate school. Two of my classes require a group integrated marketing campaigns and they are just really driving me nuts. It has been fun and I am really learning a lot, but the timing could have been better. I also have one last paper to submit in another class and I really do hope I get to finish it on time.

Lastly, I am one of the co-project head for a World AIDS Day event that the organization a volunteer for is holding on November 29. We are now on homestretch and unfortunately, a lot of things still need to be ironed out. I’m just lucky I have very hardworking committee heads who seem to have their calm, which I hope will rub off on me.

I haven’t been feeling well for almost two weeks now, what with all the cough and cold that I have but there’s just no room to rest for now. I just take comfort in the fact that in less than a month, I will be having a much-deserved two-week break from everything.

Here’s to hoping I make it alive by then.


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