2015 was a Year of Changes

With bad decisions, big realizations and apparent acceptance, 2015 was a life-changing year for me, so to speak.

After ending an otherwise fruitful relationship because of my epic slip up, I have learned to enjoy life again little by little. I am also thankful that at least little by little, my ex partner and I are becoming friends again. Borrowing this phrase from a current phenomenon that he is a fan of, sa tamang panahon.

And what could be the best result to come out of the breakup is that I have again made an effort to be in touch with some of my greatest friends. I don’t know if it’s just my laziness or if it really comes with having a partner, but for the past few years, I barely saw my friends. And it surprised me somehow how often I got to see my best friend, my high school and my college friends. Add to that my new friends from graduate school.

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2015 was also the year I joined an advocacy group focusing on HIV awareness and education in the Philippines. Being with them was really rewarding but also challenging. I discovered how hard it is to work with people who are also just giving their free time to an organization. I experience how hard it was to demand for their time and expect anything since we as volunteers are not being paid to work. But I am really at awe with everyone in the group who are really passionate to further the cause. I was also fortunate to be given the opportunity to co-head an HIV testing day event in commemoration of World AIDS Day, and given the challenges we faced, I felt it was still a massive success.


But for now, this aspect of my life may need to take a back seat to prioritize my work and studies.

Yup, I am studying again. It has been years in the making, from wanting to take up MBA to realizing that I can focus on a specific topic that I think I can be good at. That was how I decided to apply for Master of Marketing Communication at the De La Salle University. I just finished my first term and that was some of the most hectic three months of my life. It proved really difficult to juggle my time between work, school and the advocacy.

I met great people and I am glad to now be friends with them. Grad school will be a lot easier knowing I have new friends I can count on. I just hope we all meet our target and finish on time. Ha.

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So, yup, 2015 brought upon a lot of changes in my life. I would like to believe that most, if not all, of it are for the better, but they all came to be because of my decisions and I have to stick by them and hope that I end up being a better person.

Given everything, I am still very much thankful for a roller coaster year. I just hope 2016 may at least be a little calmer, and that I become more content and happier.


What do you think?

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