The Storyteller

As some of you may know, I am currently taking Masters of Marketing Communication at the De La Salle University.

One of my courses for this term is Visualization and Art Direction. Our first homework is to introduce yourself in one image, which can be in the form of a collage, drawing, painting or graphics.

Here’s what I did:

HW1_Bautista (1)

I drew the mouth part and just added colors in the background using Photoshop.

I would like to consider myself as a storyteller. Granted, I rarely tell stories about my life, but I have written (anonymously) stories online that somehow touched the hearts of its readers.

In whichever circle of friends I am with, you can bet that I am the most talkative one. I am not too comfortable with silence. I take it as people getting bored with my presence. So I joke around, tell stories, talk about random stuff.

My job is a form of storytelling in itself as well, albeit digitally.

I believe we all have lots of stories to tell. And even if you feel like no one’s listening, tell it anyway. Not for people to hear, but for you to voice out what you think, what you consider to be important to you.

Life can be really stressful sometimes. Or boring. Or irritating. But I found that talking about it lifts these emotions off of you. It makes your life somehow lighter, for lack of a better term.

So there. I am Billie. I am a storyteller.

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