Movie Review: Always Be My Maybe: The Least Star Cinema-like Rom-Com, and That is a Good Thing


I had low expectations when I decided to watch Always Be My Maybe. For one, I was not really sold on the lead actors, Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz. Also, director Dan Villegas’ film prior this one, Walang Forever, failed to really live up to its promise (or my expectations, really). The story just sagged during the latter part of the film.

Always Be My Maybe follows the story of two persons having a hard time moving on from failed relationships. And what started out as a simple friendship spiraled to a more complicated, no-label pseudo-relationship.

What I loved most about the film was how chill the story was. There was no need for an out-of-this-world cheesy gimmick, which I feel is a formula for a typical Star Cinema rom-com.

The pacing of the whole story was not rushed. There was no pressure to cover so many aspects of their lives that sometimes could make the audience feel tired. That was what I felt when I watched Walang Forever.

I fell in love with Muñoz because of this film. She gave the right amount of funny, sexy and cheesy in her acting. I really felt sad and bad for her character. Her acting reminds me so much of Jennylyn Mercado’s. It was so natural I sometimes forgot that she was just acting.

There was also a suprising chemistry between Anderson and Munoz. There was one particular scene that showed their sexy side, which was done tastefully. Although I must admit that it made me a little uncomfortable, like such scene did not belong to a rom-com film.

Cacai Bautista brought most of the laughs, what with her timely banters. I  generally do not like the fact the Filipino movies are filmed a couple of months before its showing date, but it worked for this movie. They were able to insert jokes that are still being used in real life.

Never mind the fact that there was one scene dedicated to promoting ABS-CBN’s latest teleserye, Dolce Amore. The director was able to put enough story and relevance in that scene that it didn’t bother me as much.

I can say that I haven’t enjoyed a Filipino rom-com this much since English Only, Please (which was also helmed by Dan Villegas).

It just started its run in theaters on February 24. You have lots of time to see this film. And please do. For a mainstream Star Cinema movie, it delivers a relevant story, likable acting, and just a pure good time.

All in all, I was just really thankful that the ending was as realistic as a Star Cinema movie can get.

Rating: 4/5 stars



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