Reading More

So I’ve decided to read more books this year, despite my tight schedule, what with work and graduate school.

In previous years, I would be happy being able to read 3-5 books every year, thinking that it any number would be better than not reading at all.

But I really do enjoy reading. It’s just that I get so tired sometimes that I would rather sleep or eat than read. It also doesn’t help that I try to catch up on almost 10 TV series. Plus, there are movies I want to watch. And unfortunately, they go on top of my  to-do list, simply because they are easier to accomplish than ready a novel.

I at least have 20 books in my shelf that I bought in the last few years that I haven’t read still and just collecting dust.

I hope this year will be different, though. I plan on reading at least 1 book every month. I have so far exceeded my personal goal because I have already read 5 books in the last 2 months.

books read

I tend to favor young adult novels more, but I also have a number of books in other genres as well.

You may find it shallow but my main deciding factor when buying a book is the cover. I know, I know. I get interested if I see a pretty cover, then I read the synopsis. That’s when I decide if I feel like buying it. To each his own, right? 😛

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