Memories to Ashes

Photo by the Philippine Collegian
Photo by the Philippine Collegian

What happened to the Faculty Center (FC) of the University of the Philippines was beyond sad and horrible. Reading about the posts of professors whose properties and memories were burned down was depressing.

Photo from the Philippine Collegian

FC was home to the faculty of the Colleges of Arts and Letters and of Social Science and Philosophy. Before online viewing of grades were a thing, I used to roam around the building and search for the rooms of my professors to get mg class cards.

Submitting papers in pigeon holes were also memories that used to be either fun to reminisce or sends shivers just thinking how I crammed those requirements.

But more than the academic-related memories of FC, it was the moments shared with friends, and classmates, that really stuck to me.

Photo from the Philippine Collegian
Photo from the Philippine Collegian

When one of my greatest friends since high school was still studying in UP (a Chemistry student, that smart ass), and we were still bummed that we weren’t allowed to study in Mapua as we initially planned, we would meet at FC and eat lunch, think about the future, and talk about how much we “hate” our parents for not making our college dreams come true. All these over shawarma rice. We then found our own circles in UP but we would still meet up from time to time, either in FC or in front of it.

My fondest conversation of ours was about our hopes of purchasing future homes right next to each other (and of course, the rest of our friends would do the same thing), so that we can still be together most of the time. Clingy, we knew that. But you have to understand, the two of us were stuck in Quezon City all to ourselves while the rest of our friends were either in UST, Mapua or DLSU and they would all go home to Cavite together, or meetup after their classes to hang out.

It was also in FC where one of my college organization’s (UP Journalism Club) acquaintance party for new applicants was held. Members and their buddy applicants were required to spend time together to get to know each other better while preparing a production number for the party. I had to buddies then, Ian and Myra, and we decided to do a song and dance number to the tune of Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow.” Bias aside, we had one of the best performances that night. Haha.

I can’t believe this is the only photo we had of our epic performance (Photo by Kim Pauig)

I am pretty sure I had a lot more experiences and memories in FC and it pains me to see that future UP students will not have that opportunity to spend time in the building. I know that there are tons more places and buildings inside the campus to build memories on, but somehow FC was a symbol of the rich history of the campus, what with all the books, photos, documents, papers, certificates, trophies stored in the building.

And while all these physical mementos are now turned to ashes, I am pretty certain that thousands of UP students, alumni and professors will relive the memories they had and will share them for the world to read, see, and grasp how it feels to walk the hallways of FC to check if you got 3.0 or just see if your favorite prof is in for a quick chat and consultation.

I would love to hear about your FC memories and how it became an integral part of your UP life.


2 thoughts on “Memories to Ashes

  1. Katag, class cards, pigeon holes, exhibits, saka tambay moments natin 😦 Feeling ko kung ‘di dahil sa tambay days natin, ‘di ako nakasurvive sa unang sem ng kaemohan. Konti na nga lang UP memories ko, unti unti na silang nauubos :((

    1. True! Daming memories ng FC! May good news though, yung cabinet daw nung nagphophotocopy sa second floor ay intact pati yung laman na mostly ay readings. So yay!

      But still sad. Hopefully makapagpatayo agad sila ng bagong building

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