736 Reported Cases of HIV in the Philippines for March 2016

According to the HIV and AIDS registry of the Philippine Department of Health, there were 736 reported HIV cases in the Philippines for the month of March 2016, 80 of which were AIDS cases. This is higher than the number of reported cases for the same month in 2015 (667) and 2014 (498).

This brings the total number of reported HIV cases from January-March 2016 to 2, 291.

HIV AIDS Registry - March 2016
Photo from SAGIP Unit Facebook page

With the continuing rise of HIV reported cases in the Philippines, the government as well as partner non-profit organizations are taking an active stance in promoting HIV testing in the Philippines.

LoveYourself, Inc., a community of volunteers that aim to reach out to others to propagate ideas, attitudes, and practices that encourage loving oneself, is organizing a FREE and anonymous HIV Screening for Men that asks for no name, uses no form, and is highly confidential touted as “LoveYourself Incognito” on May 29, 2016.

You can register at go.loveyourself.ph/incognito to know more about the free HIV screening event.




2 thoughts on “736 Reported Cases of HIV in the Philippines for March 2016

    1. There have been talks going around about prep being available in the Philippines, but I haven’t seen new updates lately. Hopefully the program is implemented soon

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