Starting my collection of Filipino gay-themed books

Before going home earlier, I finally decided to purchase in bulk gay-themed, locally published books. 

I’ve bought Happy Na, Gay Pa by Danton Remoto months ago and two editions of Ladlad books, but it was only earlier that I have decided to start my collection of gay-theme books written by Filipino authors.
Granted, gay-themed books in general are quite hard to find here in Manila, that’s why I am so amazed at the number of similarly themed, Filipino written books available at National Bookstore.

Here are what I’ve bought so far:

  • Para Kay B (Ricky Lee)
  • Masculadoll (Louie Cano)
  • Pamhinta X (Louie Cano)
  • Gagambeks at Mga Kwentong Waratpad (Mark Angeles)
  • Kulay Rosas ang Pintig ng Puso (Gerardo Torres)
  • Poster Boy (written by Herbs Navasca, illustrated by Rica Angela Padullo)
  • Poster Boy: Fair and Square written by Herbs Navasca, illustrated by Rica Angela Padullo)

I’ll try to write some quick reviews of the book on this blog, if only to promote them and hopefully, someone will take interest in buying a copy himself.

I still dream of someday publishing my own book. I’ve written a number of online short stories that captured quite a lot of readers’ hearts. I hope someday, people will share the same interest and by my book. 


What do you think?

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