Pico de Loro

Friends come and go. As painful as it sounds, that is just the way it is. You can outgrow each other, or your lives simply get in the way.

But not with this bunch. I may only see them a few times a year, but every time is a blast. Each moment is enough for everyone to catch up on other’s craziness and fuck ups. And each moment is enough to make you realize that you only really need a handful of people in your life to keep you sane, grounded and happy.

These people are probably gonna be in my life forever. And I am not complaining. I’d say I did a damn good job in the friendship selection department.

Please read my “kumare’s” blog post to see what I’m talking about.

A New Perspective

Planning a vacation when you and your college friends are over the age of 25 is HARD. But we managed to pull it off once and for all and this time we’re complete with +++.

Since we are/were crammers, our original plan to go to Bataan didn’t push through so we changed it to Punta Fuego – Tali – a staycation in Manila – and then eventually settled for Pico de Loro in Batangas. I have a lot of negative things to say about the place and its rules but I don’t want this post to be a looong rant so nevermind. To keep it short, if you do want to go there, just don’t expect much (especially from their beach).

Anyway, here’s the view from our balcony


Aiden enjoying our bed after three hours on the road


Mark M. and Chui




Getting ready to go to the beach


Cloudy day at…

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