Friends and family know how addicted I am to coffee. The hotter the coffee, the better -- regardless of how hot it might be in the Philippines. Not that I do not appreciate iced coffee but I just don't get the same satisfaction as when I'm sipping a smoking hot cup. It is much more … Continue reading Iced


Laksa Craving

Last Saturday, I had a sudden urge to leave the apartment and eat laksa.  Which was really against the plan since I intended to just stay in, avoid spending money and just binge-watch my Netflix backlog during the long weekend. I did a quick Google search to see where I can get my laksa fix. … Continue reading Laksa Craving

Suzhou Experience

xiao long pao

I have long heard and read about this hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Malate that supposedly serves good dumpling, including my favorite xioa long bao. And in the three years that I have worked in the area, I would always pass by this restaurant, even when it was still in its old location (a couple of establishments … Continue reading Suzhou Experience

Happy International Coffee Day

Today is International Coffee Day! I've turned into a coffee junkie and I don't even try to hide it. I need at least two cups of coffee everyday to keep me going. I'm sure it's all in my head but...whatever. I love my coffee.

Cold Stoning   Cold Stone has been in the Philippines for more than a year already but I only tried it this month at their branch in SM Mall of Asia. I ordered Mud Pie Mojo made of coffee ice cream with caramel, oreo cookie, cashews and peanut butter. I loved how interactive and fun the … Continue reading Cold Stoning

Battle of the Pork Buns: Tim Ho Wan versus TuanTuan

Tim Ho Wan's opening in Manila created a big buzz online and the hype is still very much visible with the long lines in both of their branches -- SM Megamall Fashion Hall and Glorietta (beside the Globe store). People wanted to have a taste of their famour Char Siew Bao, or Pork Buns. The … Continue reading Battle of the Pork Buns: Tim Ho Wan versus TuanTuan