Totoo pala 'yung kaya mong ngumiti para sa iba kahit ang lungkot lungkot mo na.


The Grad School Journey Thus Far

I haven't posted much about my journey to finishing my Master of Marketing Communications (MMC) program at De La Salle University. Much of the reason was that I was too busy finishing requirements to event talk about it. But another reason was that I just wanted to enjoy (or sometimes abhor) the experience as a … Continue reading The Grad School Journey Thus Far

Ur_Tadhana: New Pinoy Gay Web Series

I was ecstatic when I learned that a new gay web series premiered over the weekend. Dating/Social media app Blued posted the 1st episode of their web series "Ur_Tadhana" which follows the story of Yosef and his experiences as a gay guy in high school. I was a big fan of Hanging Out, a web … Continue reading Ur_Tadhana: New Pinoy Gay Web Series

A Reminder

You are who you are.  And you are perfect.


A few days ago, I have been called out twice by a friend for being too effeminate. It hurt but I did not want to ruin the night of everyone there. I just did not expect that from a friend. I don't see anything wrong with how I act, move or speak. But I must … Continue reading Softie


I chanced upon this new song from local artist Ben&Ben and one line struck me:  All will be alright in time. Wow.  It somehow amazes and scares the crap out of me that it has already been two years since we broke up and songs about moving on and moving forward still affect me. … Continue reading Leaves