Why Spoilers are the Worst

What's worse than not catching a movie (that you are looking forward to) in the cinema?  It's accidentally reading about the movie's plot before you get to watch it.  Yup, people who post spoilers are mean, mean people. I have a fear of missing out (FOMO) and most of the time, I blame myself whenever … Continue reading Why Spoilers are the Worst


Excited for Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet!” ( PLUS Trailer!)

If you were not touched by Wreck-it Ralph and the friendship between Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz, then there was something wrong with you. Six years after the release of the first movie, Disney finally brings back the heatwarming tandem as they conquer a larger world this time -- the internet. Based on the trailer, … Continue reading Excited for Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet!” ( PLUS Trailer!)

BOOK REVIEW: They Both Die at the End

I am a very slow reader.  There's no excuse as to why.  I just am.  I easily get distracted by other stuff -- mostly Netflix shows. I've been reading "They Both Die at the End" for more than four months now and I am almost done, thankfully.  Things happened distracting me from finishing it as … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: They Both Die at the End


Friends and family know how addicted I am to coffee. The hotter the coffee, the better -- regardless of how hot it might be in the Philippines. Not that I do not appreciate iced coffee but I just don't get the same satisfaction as when I'm sipping a smoking hot cup. It is much more … Continue reading Iced

The Pinoy Babbler Goes to the U.S.

It's been more than a month since I came back from my first ever travel to the U.S. and I realized I still haven't posted any photo our visit there. We stayed in the West Coast -- visited San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.  The three weeks were so tiring, but it was so … Continue reading The Pinoy Babbler Goes to the U.S.

#SMMW18: Social Media Marketing World

A couple of firsts here: First time to traveling to the U.S., which was great. And awesome. And fantastic. First time attending a conference on social media and learn from colleagues and experts on what I should be doing on social media for work. First time to present one of our team's best practices on … Continue reading #SMMW18: Social Media Marketing World