When you want something, you should never lose hope that you’ll get it. Because what’s the point otherwise?

New Day

Today is a new day. 

A new day to try,

To make mistakes, to cry,

To doubt and believe again,

To fall and to stand.

Today is a new day to live.


Here. Standing in the same place felt safe and sure. It still does. For so long I have managed not to move and be completely still. Not for lack of wanting to move, but the mere thought of venturing into the now unknown scared the shit out of me.

But here I am, taking the first step, moving. Moving to an uncertain destination. Moving to a place that may just bring me back to where I was. But now, wanting to know if I can get there trumps my fear. It may be murky and unsure, but I am still moving.

And I may just end up in circles, but at least I tried. If there’s one thing I promised myself, it is that I will try. And I am trying. And for now, that’s enough.